Wooden Camera - Offset Mount and V-Lock Kit for Bolt 4K/6 LT TX

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Offset Mount and V-Lock Kit for Bolt 4K/6 LT TX is a comprehensive kit that features a versatile mounting bracket for the Teradek Bolt 4K/6 LT TX and a quick-release mounting dock for mounting directly to your camera.

The included V-Lock Mounting Kit is a quick-release mounting kit based on the standard V-Lock mounting design. The Base Station portion can bolt into any 1/4"-20 or 3/8"-16 mounting point using the included screws. Set screws can also be installed to prevent twisting.

The V-Lock Accessory Wedge portion of the kit features both 1/4"-20, 3/8"-16, and M3 mounting points for attaching accessories like the included Offset Mount for Bolt 4K/6 LT TX.

Users retain the option to detach the Offset Mount for Bolt 4K LT TX from the V-Lock Mounting Kit and mount onto any 1/4"-20 mounting point. Removable screw-in set pins located on both ends of the 1/4"-20 pass-through slot for added security and can be stored on the side of the unit when not in use. The Offset Mount can be mounted via one pass-through 1/4"-20 hole located at the top of the bracket.

It also features one 3/8"-16 and two 1/4"-20 mounting points with locating pin depressions for securely attaching additional mounting interfaces such as articulating arms and rod components the same way users would attach the included V-Lock Mounting Kit.

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